Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Eagle?

A looming shadow is hanging over Micras, looking down from the ashen skies, continuously searching for a new prey to clutch in its sharp claws and devour with its over-sized beak. It is the black eagle that has become familiar to us in recent years. The eagle that represents that massive military alliance, the Raspur pact. Like the eagle, the Raspur pact and its small cadre of elite commanders do not rest. Forever scouting small, independent nations to take under its wings, by doing so, sucking the life out of them. Few have been able to resist the vampire hug of the eagle of death.

Let nobody be fooled by the name “Raspur pact” because it is a pact as much as it is a prison. In it, all military affairs are subjugated to an unaccountable structure called the “Joint Military Council”. Foreign policy is transferred to the “Permanent Commission”. Healthcare and trade seem to be delegated to shady sub-committees. Having given up power on all these areas, the members of the Raspur pact are no longer sovereign nations in any meaningful sense. Sure, they nominally have the right to withdraw, but then they will see themselves faced by a massive battery of military arsenal (the militaries of the Raspur nations combined form the largest force on Micras) that may include their very own soldiers. Because, in Raspur, soldiers are no longer serving their countries, they serve their Commands.

And it is here where the true power lies in the Raspur pact. The Military Commands of the organisation are vested in four countries: Natopia, which guards the South-West, Constancia, in charge of the South-East, Elwynn, in charge of Keltia due to its presence in Normark, and last but not least: the United Governorates of Benacia. This stratocracy mirrors the controlling structure of the Raspur so closely, that it is impossible to describe it as an independent nation, rather than the fleshed out blueprint for the world that Raspur command likes to create.

“Nonsense” any high officer in the protection racket would assure us “our members are all equal, we are here as a voluntary and intergovernmental organisation”. Is that so? Then where is the military representation of countries like Sanama, Alduria, Wechua or Floria? Why is it that military command has to be centralised? Why is it that in some countries, where a crisis of government occured, Raspur membership proved to be an invitation to be held hostage? Elwynn can surely talk about it. The cultures of the North have been obliterated by Raspur forces. Cities like Fieldburg, Port Illumination and Asatelian, once hubs of commerce and trade, now lay barren and in economic ruin. Central command cannot tolerate diversity or independence of thought, wherever the people decide for themselves, ruin and death is the result. Kalgachia, Floria and Central-Benacia only serve as a further illustration. The many, many, battles and wars that Raspur command has dragged its subordinates into stand as a monument for the thirst for blood and violence.

Where will this all end? Hopefully, the members of the pact who do not want to live on a planet that has been destroyed by an all-powerful military industrial complex will come to their senses. Let their people realise that it is not in their interest to serve an un-elected bureaucracy of murderous psychopaths, but let them choose to determine their fates themselves. Sovereignty, international peace and an end to war, that should be the creed of the free countries of Micras. This call will echo stronger than the screaming of the black eagle. Our only hope is that those voices start calling, before it is too late.

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